How do I access my certificates from my mobile phone?

There are a variety of ways you can access your Foster Care Academy online course certificates on your mobile phone. A video is shown below showing you exactly what to do, but the steps are very simple. Firstly you will nee to be logged in to your account, the click on 'Menu', and then click on 'My Certificates'. From there click view on the certificate you want to access, this will open the certificate in a new window. Then from there click 'Menu' again and you will see the options. The most common selected options are to 'Email Credential' and you can email it either to yourself or directly to your agency so they can add it to your records. Alternatively, many people 'Download as PDF' which mean they save a copy to their phone, though not all peoples phone allow downloads, in which case you might need to do the email option. The video below shows exactly how to do this. 

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